Choosing the Best Online Back Service Provider

2Getting your money worth is probably important when looking for an online backup service provider.


The more thing you need to know when you are getting a backup service is the amount of space you need.


In order to find out how much storage space you will need is a simple process, just choose all the files you want to save and use the view disk space option which you can access by right clicking the files. For an even faster way you can do this by selecting all the files at the same time. You can try this on a normal folder like my documents. You can now select the backup service that best fits you like the ones at Tenbobs.


It doesn’t matter which provider you go with because they all have the basic package. So there are different factors that will decide on which online backup service is the one for you.


The determining factors:


How much do you have to pay monthly? These services are fairly cheap costing at 5 dollars a month for storage space of 75gigs. For only 2 more dollars you can get unlimited storage if 75gigs doesn’t cut it.


Automatic backups is a very vital part of online backup services. This feature will automatically add any changed files after you already did a backup on your system.


Security is vital to the Best Backup Services. A good provider will need to be using security that equals the security the military employees on their online files.


Another feature to take into consideration is file sharing. With just a single click you can share your files with anyone you want. You can share with just your friends by having giving them the password and username.


A useful feature that comes with backup services is file syncing which allows you to sync up different files across different computers. Its as easy as selecting the files you want to sync.


Does the online backup provider have file versioning? If you want to easily see what progress you have made on a file, this allows you to save different versions of the same thing. Please visit for a more in depth review on this service.


If you travel allot then this mobile access will be the feature for you, this allows you to access your files from anywhere. Mobile access gives you the ability to access your files from any mobile device.


So if you do some research you can find the best service for you, just take into account all the features and the fact that some businesses may not even offer a certain feature but with some time and effort you will be able to find the best plan that suits what you need.


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